5 reasons why info screens are relevant to your business

5 reasons why info screens are relevant to your business

Your company is more than its logo, products and services - it's a whole experience in itself!

It is important that all touch points in your company are taken into account, so that customers can get the best possible user experience with your services / products.

Signage is sometimes an overlooked touch point that can help grow your business. 
The most user-friendly form of signage is via info screens - which is also most environmentally friendly in the long run. Here you can easily display information and manage campaigns that can promote sales and improve your customers' overall impression of your company's services.

1. Improve your internal and external communication

Info screens can be used for internal communication with your employees or external communication with your target group.

  • Internal communication - Use it for everything; ranging from information to employees, or booking meeting times outside the meeting room using the touch function, etc


  • External communication – Pass on information to your customers or use it to draw attention to offers and campaigns. 
    Info screens increase the exposure of your brand, resulting in a greater opportunity for new customers and repeat customers. Similarly, poor or low quality signage can deter customers from engaging with your business.

Depending on what you choose to use the info screens for, it can help to optimize your customer service and create additional sales, including impulse purchases. 

Provides a competitive advantage

It can be difficult to differentiate oneself from its competitors.
Info screens can help you stand out from the crowd, and your customers will therefore choose you over your competitors. A creative and unique info screen with the right location can attract customers from a distance and draw them into your store.

3. Cost-effective marketing tool

Info screens can be used for more than differentiating your company. They are also essential in your brand's marketing strategy. It is an advantage for both small and large companies to use info screens as a marketing tool.

  • Longevity - There are other useful methods in signage, such as billboards and advertisements, but these promotional strategies do not have the same longevity as info screens. Info screens can be used for ongoing marketing campaigns or information that is visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Resource-saving – There are info screens that are USB-controlled and some that are Cloud-based. On the USB-controlled ones, employees must manually change the content on the individual screens, which is resource-intensive for your company. The cloud-based info screens are more user-friendly, as you can change the content directly, as well as create a time sheet for the individual information or campaigns during the course of a day.

If you already have USB-controlled info screens, you can advantageously have a Cloud-based system installed on the screens.

4. Optimize sales opportunities

Info screens that show a great campaign can generate more impulse purchases.
New reports explain how many brands experience a significant increase in revenue after they have implemented info screens. Certain companies in the US have increased their turnover by as much as 33%. One of the main reasons is impulse buying, which is why info screens must be placed in the right places. For example, the clerk can refer customers to the campaign on the screen and inspire additional sales.

5. Create awareness around your brand

The greater recognition your brand has - the easier it is for your brand to influence consumer behavior and attitude towards your brand. This gives your customers a sense of connection. Ultimately, this will result in repeat purchases and potentially greater market share.

The info screen can e.g. used for storytelling, which conveys the history or values ​​of your company, allowing customers to create a relationship with your brand.

Grow your business with info screens

Info screens are a versatile business tool that can be used for a myriad of purposes. Signage can act as a visual solution to numerous business challenges, such as wayfinding, sales, brand recognition and competitive advantage.

By working with the right signage in branding, storytelling, information and campaigns, info screens can act as a visual symbol to create greater awareness of your business.

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