IT security

IT security

Protect your business from malware attacks

Security with IT infrastructure
With the right IT infrastructure, you can achieve maximum security for your company, so you secure your IT systems with the right hardware and software.

Several companies are exposed to several different types of Malware hacker attacks, including ransomware, phishing, viruses or third parties included in your emails.

The best possible protection is through personal attention and software programs that protect your systems.

It is important to protect your company in-house, and at least as important when your employees work from home. When an employee logs on to his own network with the work computer, company data becomes more vulnerable and susceptible to Malware attacks.

When your employees work from home, they can have Mobile Firewall installed physically at home and thus automatically be logged on. A VPN software solution, on the other hand, is without a physical firewall where you have to log in every time you work from home.

Malware can enter your computer, through file download, visit infected websites or by email with a specific link or attachment.

Including antivirus – A good antivirus program scans the files you download from the Internet, warns you about suspicious websites and protects your personal account information, etc.

Secure mail
One of the most used methods of spreading Malware is via phishing e-mail, where third parties pretend to be a company. Typically, they will then e.g. ask about personal sensitive information,

Get your emails encrypted so you can keep the spam and email malware problem under control with minimal time investment from your company.

Why should you send emails securely?
When you send letters with the postal service, the postman is obliged to transport them confidentially from sender to recipient. The same situation applies when you send emails, except that it is not automatically sent confidentially through here. Third parties can monitor your e-mail correspondence, including e-mails with confidential information, which does not comply with the GDPR regulations.

Phishing and spam
You may also be exposed to phishing. Here, the third party pretends to be from your company, or the person pretends to be another company.

We use a whole range of technologies to detect and block spam Malware and Ransomware threats before they reach your IT system through malicious emails. Our advanced technology can combat this type of fraud. Below you see what you are protected against with our encrypted mail solution.

  • The growing threats of phishing.
  • The growing threats of Ransomware.
  • Malicious links and attachments.
  • Email with infected IPs and / or domains.
  • The frustration of endless spam emails.
  • Email Exploitation and Botnet Attacks.

It is always a good idea to have a back-up plan in case the accident should be out. We can make a Disaster Recovery plan and a back-up, which replicates your data down to seconds, if desired.