TV channels

TV channels

We have all the TV channels for your guests

You probably know the feeling when you travel domestically or abroad, on a business trip or holiday - when you enter the hotel room, it's nice to relax and watch sports, news or movies.

Allow your guests to choose from the TV channels they want to watch.

We work with both Canal Digital and Viasat, which makes us a strong provider in this area, with our wide selection of exciting TV channels.

SPORTS Enjoy the best selected matches from the Superliga, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga and Champions League. If the guest wants to see something other than football, the Sports Package also offers handball, hockey, golf, basketball and Formula 1.

NEWS - Here your guests can be fully updated on news. Get the latest news from both Denmark and the rest of Europe and the world. 

MOVIE - With V series & movies with Viaplay, guests get access to a world of entertainment. The V series & film universe gives you as many as five TV channels with films and series, and on top of that you get access to Viaplay. With Viaplay you get a large selection of the best films, major Danish and international series and hours of children's entertainment.

By getting TV channels via fiber, you avoid a high start-up cost, as you do not need a main station and satellite dish - it all works digitally and runs on existing fiber. 

You are guaranteed a fast online signal, which can not be disturbed by strong gusts of wind. Depending on where you are located geographically, weather conditions can vary, which can affect a dish and thus the signal, which can not happen with TV channels via fiber. 
With this solution, there is also full flexibility in choosing TV channels. 

We can highly recommend a combination of the traditional TV channels and our others TV solutions, such as our Chromecast streaming solution Outroom cast, as well as our cloud-based video-on-demand service Airtime.

Contact us today and hear how we can help your company implement an attractive TV package for your guests. 


We have what you are looking for

RAW IT is a television provider of channels for hotels, motels, prisons, hospitals, detention centers and drilling rigs. Below we can also offer publicity.

We have a wide selection of TV channels and we can make sure that the entertainment is top notch.

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