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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

With the cloud solution Microsoft Azure, your IT infrastructure can become more flexible, react more quickly to the changing opportunities in the IT environment and reduce costs.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is cloud infrastructure that makes it easy for you to manage applications and cloud services on a global scale. Get a highly secure and stable operation with Microsoft Azure.    

Why choose Azure?

Microsoft Azure enables you to scale up and down the capacity to suit your company's needs, and you only pay for what you use. It is therefore a flexible and economically advantageous solution for your company.

Azure is ideal for small to large businesses. The capacity can be quickly scaled to other countries by having applications and services on one or more of Microsoft's stable data centers around the world. 

Does Azure support your company's platform?

Azure can be used on all your devices. You can develop and integrate applications and services and run them from the cloud or locally. It supports quite a few platforms and tools – whether you use Windows, SQL server, Oracle, Java and Linux, your applications can play together with Azure.

Standardization, automation, and scaling are built into all of Azure's solutions so that your company can quickly execute applications and services, while maintaining compliance and the standard for other work methods.

That's why you should choose Azure

Is Microsoft Azure a certainly choice?

Azure is a compliant solution that meets GDPR and IT requirements, as well as complying with standardization.

Why choose RAW IT as your business partner?

You don't necessarily have to either, but we are happy to offer a non-binding discussion about which hosting solution best suits your and your company's needs and wishes. We are a Microsoft partner and have extensive experience with the implementation and maintenance of Azure.

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