TV solutions

TV solutions

TV solutions that optimize the guest experience

The right TV solution saves resources and gives guests a better experience. Get TV screens, TV menu, info channel, TV channels and Otrumcast, which meet the guest's needs.

New innovative

television system

The TV system is fully cloud-based and gives you a wide range of advantages. You get the opportunity to create your own design, menu items and show practical information to your guests and much more. 

Guests' favorite content


Give hotel guests the option of secure streaming on Netflix, HBO, YouTube, Amazon prime etc. With this hospitality solution, you can save money on TV channels and have happy guests at the same time. 

A broad selection

TV channels

Give your guests the opportunity to choose between TV channels that they want to watch. We offer a wide and exciting selection of TV channels with news, sports and films. 

Information and campaigns

Info channel

Provide guests with important information on this channel. It can be hotel information, campaigns or promotion of the hotel with a catchy video. 

The systems are automatically updated

With our TV solutions, there is no portal or server that needs to be updated manually – everything is done online and without downtime. In fact, you don't notice at all when updates happen continuously. It is something that happens completely automatically, so the program is always the latest version.

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