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Digital signage gives you great opportunities AND CAN OPTIMIZE YOUR RESOURCES

If you know that you have just printed a sea of ​​papers with information on them, as they need to be set up, you will discover that there is a typing error. Now they have to be discarded and new ones have to be printed. It is both time consuming, annoying and expensive. This is where RAW Signage comes into the picture.

RAW Signage is a huge user-friendly information program that can be displayed on all the information screens you want. We can supply the screens in all sizes, from small 'elevator screens' that can inform about breakfast, happy hour and wifi code, to large reception and shop screens that can inform about the weather forecast, bike rental weekend offers. 


With a few clicks, your company can have the opportunity to inform customers and partners about what is happening in your company - whether you are a hotel, a real estate agent, shop or restaurant, perhaps an institution or fitness center. With RAW Signage, you can tailor news and information so that you get a broad message. Create eye-catchers with logos, inform with photos and videos and change expressions as often as suits you.


RAW Signage is 100% cloud-based, which means that everything is stored in the cloud so the amount and possibilities are endless and only the imagination sets limits. Likewise, it also means that as a registered user you can log in to the program from any platform and thereby edit the content easily and quickly.


  • Promover products
  • Cross- and up-selling directly to the customers in the store
  • Improved customer experience - offer entertaining and informative content and reduce customers' experience of waiting time. 
  • Information - share updated news with your customers / guests
  • Advertising Sell ​​screen time and space to third party advertiser 
  • Digital signage - here a touch screen may be obvious


With RAW Signage, there is no portal or server to manually update - everything is done online and without downtime. In fact, you do not notice at all when updates are ongoing. It is something that happens completely automatically so the program is always the latest version and completely updated.


Do you already have info screens that are not centrally controlled? 
RAW Signage can be easily integrated on all info screens, so if you already have info screens that are not centrally controlled, then we can clearly recommend getting this done. It is both time-saving and it allows you to change the content on your info screens faster.

Are info screens a newer initiative in your business? So contact us today and hear how we can help you. We come out and set up the info screens and help you get started using our user-friendly program. 

Contact us today and get a non-binding offer on how we can help you. 


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What Can Digital Signage Do For Your Sales?

Increased activity

Digital signage provides 400% more eye-catching than statistical displays, and 8/10 customers claim to have walked into a store because digital signage has caught their attention.

more Impulse purchases

David Bawarsky, an IT authority, states that 19% of the US population has made an impulse purchase due to digital signage.

market growth

New reports explain how many brands are experiencing a marked increase in growth after implementing digital signage - companies have grown by as much as 33% growth.

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