Epista Life Science gets new wifi solution

Hørsholm is home to the consulting company Epista Life Science, which helps their customers build bridges between IT, Quality and Line-Of-Business departments and is dedicated to continuously improving compliance with legislation throughout the Life Science industry. 10 years have passed since the company started in 2009 and since then more than 130 global customers have been added.

Epista Life Science is growing and has just expanded their head office in Hørsholm Business Park (actually two floors above RAW IT's head office) by several square meters. In this connection, Epista Life Science has asked RAW IT to create a new network for the new department and thus also additional access points which have been installed with great success. At the same time, Epista Life Science lacked new meeting screens and associated Airtames, which in an easy and smart way can share content from laptop or smartphone directly on the screen. Likewise, Epista Life Science also got Samsung's new Flip screen which is an interactive whiteboard - perfect for meeting rooms in modern workplaces just like Epista Life Science is. The installations are complete and another new, happy customer has been added to RAW IT's portfolio. Do you also want to be a part of it? So contact us today - we are always ready to help.

You can read more about our wifi solutions here

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