secure and scalable hosting solution

RAW IT offers tailor-made hosting solutions, with full redundancy in all our hosting centers, for all types of companies. We can provide physical in-house servers or migrate your data to the Cloud, which is a scalable solution.
If the above sounds interesting to you and your company, please contact us for more information. 

The cloud journey

When your business migrates to the cloud, there are no heavy server installations you need to take into account. You should no longer be nervous about your servers being damaged by e.g. fire or water damage. By migrating to the cloud, your applications are always fully up to date, you are guaranteed a high uptime and your data is securely stored in the Cloud with encrypted connections. Cloud is a fully scalable solution, so you only pay for what you need.

Inspiration & Advice

We advise which licenses best suit your company's current business, and inspire how your business can grow.

Plan of Cloud infrastructure

Here you make a decision whether the company should become wholly or partly Cloud-based. We make a customized overview for you of the procedure for how we help change the IT infrastructure.

The cloud journey is now underway

Here, your company's data is completely or partially migrated to the Cloud. You are in safe hands with us, as we are ready to help you 24 hours a day with IT support. Every six months, we talk about process optimization of your IT infrastructure, to ensure that you are always up and running.

In-house server

You can buy or rent a server from RAW IT, where you decide if you want IT operations included. We advise you on which solution best suits your company's capacity and needs.

Inspiration and advice

Here we carry out an analysis of your company's current IT systems and draw up a strategy for which licenses and IT infrastructure suit your company's needs.

IT infrastructure

If you choose to proceed with the installation, the servers will be installed and your IT infrastructure will be optimized.

Check and maintenance

If you get IT operations included, you get 24 hours of IT support, including ongoing advice and guidance, as well as a talk about process optimization every six months.