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Value-creating IT solutions for the hospitality industry

For over 9 years, RAW IT has built up extensive experience with consultancy and installation for hotels, conference centers and restaurants in both Denmark and abroad. Our focus is to ensure the guest experience, thereby strengthening operations and results. 

In connection with advice, we can carry out an analysis of existing networks, IT systems and clarify which IT savings are available. We have tailored IT infrastructures and executed it for hotels that either needed to be built, renovated or had their IT systems and networks updated. 

It is of course essential that the IT infrastructure runs 24/XNUMX in hotels, and here we can assist with operating, monitoring and supporting your IT. We offer the option of XNUMX-hour IT support on all projects and agreements. 

We deliver safe and stable WiFi, so that your internet coverage ensures a good user experience for your guests. We make a survey analysis of which wall materials the premises are made of, and set up the access points where there is a need for it.

RAW IT's WiFi includes several features, such as Guest WiFi, Location analytics and Heat Maps, where you can gain a deeper insight into your guests' user behavior.

It gives you insight into where and at what times your guests are. You can use it to optimize your staffing times in reception and the restaurant, etc. At the same time, you can use it to optimize your interior design and see if you can optimize your sales and customer experience.

Use your Guest Wi-Fi for digital marketing with Captive Portal. Here, your guest has the opportunity to fill in their information before logging in, where they approve that it may be used for marketing. It can be information such as name and e-mail, which is subsequently used for marketing, including newsletters.

IP TV channels are channels for every taste – whether it's news, sports or a good movie, it gives guests the opportunity to relax and be entertained. With Otrum Mirage, it is possible to form an overview of which TV channels are used the most, and thus save the channels that are not watched.

OTRUM Mirage
We offer a Cloud-based TV system which allows you to design the TV menu yourself. The TV system gives you the opportunity to create additional sales and to increase communication and customer service for guests. There can e.g. display information about the breakfast buffet, the restaurant, attractions etc., or use it to make a profit by promoting your products, services or campaigns on the TV menu.

It gives the guest the opportunity to stream their own content safely and directly from smartphone, tablet, iPad or PC to the TV. It offers a multitude of options in films, TV series and music, and in this way the guest can control the entire show himself.

With this hospitality version, each room is equipped with its own code, which means that the guest cannot stream to the neighboring room. In addition, it logs out when the guest leaves the room. The next guest will therefore not be able to continue viewing the previous guest's streaming service.

When you install OtrumCast, you can cut down on the TV channels, as more guests use their own streaming services. This gives the guest the opportunity to continue watching a series that has already started from home, which in turn can give the guest a more homely feeling.

With RAW Signage, hotels and restaurants can easily pass on information to guests, create additional sales in the corridors, in the lift and reception or it can be used for booking meeting rooms.  
The screens are available in several different sizes, and can be used for e.g. to show the breakfast buffet or advertise services, products or attractions.

We can supply hardware and software for your hotel. It can, for example, be computers, keyboards, TV screens and POS terminals, which can be used for Visbook and other POS systems.

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We are available with 24 hour IT support, 365 days a year.



Get a hosting solution with physical servers or migration to the Cloud.

IT operations

We can take care of your IT operations, with 24 hours of IT support.


Get full internet coverage, as well as Location analytics and Heat maps.


Here you can optimize productivity, security and scalability.


Get automated backups and recover lost files in seconds.


Get encrypted emails and avoid phishing or third party reading.


Use digital signage for information or promotions and create more sales.


Feel safe and take advantage of the many AI features.

Microsoft 365

Get Microsoft Office installed: Word, Excel, Teams, PowerPoint etc.

Card terminal

Get fixed and wireless card terminals that are easy to integrate.


Make money when foreign customers pay in their own currency.

TV solutions

Optimize the guest experience with a bespoke TV solution.

TV solutions

Info channel

Design your own info channel and inform the guest or show promotions.

TV channels

Get a wide selection of TV channels, everything from news, movies and sports.

Outroom cast

Allow the guest to stream their own content.