TV Info Channel


Design your own info channel


We offer a solution that can be easily connected to your current system and which does not depend on whether you use a TV system.

All updates that are made happen immediately and can be seen instantly on all TVs. You can use the info channel for pictures, movies, streaming videos, flight info, weather forecast, etc. to show on this or more channels.


Our solution is 100% cloud based. This means that you have all the data stored to the cloud, and that you can edit, change, add, etc. wherever you are in the world. It only requires a mobile, tablet or a computer with internet and then you are up and running. 

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What can an Info Channel do for you?

Pass on information

With an info channel, you can easily and quickly pass on information to your guests, customers or employees.

Resource optimization

Get your messages out digitally with one click, and avoid wasting resources.

Increased market share

Grow your business easier and faster by using info channels. Use it to pass on information, advertise your product or sell exposure to others.

How is it used?

Give guests important information on this channel, it can be answers to conceivable questions that the guest boards inside. It can also be used to show Storytelling about the hotel's brand or to promote local sightseeing. 

If you want to hear more about your options with our info channel, contact our sales department today.

TV info channel