Is your hotel bleeding money? Then we have the patch for the wound

IT saving

Most have tight budgets during these COVID-19 times as there are fewer guests, which has resulted in some hotels having to close.  

Although many hotels suffer financially, it is important not to compromise on being competitive and more efficient by prioritizing short-term solutions over long-term strategic improvements.

"Here and now" solutions such as cutting back on your IT systems are therefore not the way forward, as it can reduce the hotel's standard and make the operation of the hotel less efficient and attractive to guests.

In such a situation, it is obvious to have a review of your IT systems, where there can be a lot of money to save.

Reduce your expenses without compromising on quality
RAW IT offers a tailor-made review of your IT systems, everything from IT Operations, Networks, TV solutions and back-up etc. Here we make a thorough analysis of how you can reduce your expenses without compromising on quality.

We have just helped one of our customers achieve a saving of DKK 2.000.000 per year.

We are your patch on the wound that can help you through this crisis that most people are facing.

If you are interested in hearing more about how you can reduce your costs, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.