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Get a tailor-made IT solution for your exhibition

RAW IT advises and installs tailor-made IT solutions that create value for the art and culture industry. The right IT set up should be left to IT experts, who with the right experience can help secure data, simplify digital communication and install IT solutions for art and museum exhibitions.

When customers come in and have to see an art exhibition or visit a museum, there are often valuables that have a high value, which requires a professional monitoring system. The surveillance cameras from RAW IT have built-in AI technology, this can quickly detect and alert you to suspicious behavior on the premises.

The surveillance cameras give you a Heatmap overview, which shows where there has been the most activity and at what times. It can be used to optimize the customer journey and to assess how much staffing is needed at various times for the security guards and ticket sales, etc. This makes it easier for employees to shut down, as they can quickly check if there are still customers on the surveillance cameras.

It is important to ensure the e-mail correspondence about e.g. the transport of valuable art or historical objects, so that hackers do not have the opportunity to keep track of where the object is located and how it is transported. It is therefore important to secure your emails with encrypted connection, and also to secure your data with a secure network and Wi-Fi.

Make a video installation either in the form of art or history. In fact, 80% of all people are visually inclined, which means they understand, learn and remember better in pictures and videos. It is therefore a good idea to turn messages into an experience, by using screens, as installations to visualize history, art or history. RAW IT offers everything from smaller screens to larger LED screens.

You can change the content on the screen wherever you are, as it is a Cloud-based solution, which makes it easier for you to vary the exhibition.

With RAW Signage, you can easily exhibit and change your photo art display. Here you can advantageously have "The Frame" installed, which you can use for video installation or photo art. The screen has a function that is specially developed to make the painting / picture look authentic as if a real painting / picture is hanging. You can choose from three frames, all of which have a minimalist and discreet design that will fit into any decor.

Contact us and hear how we can help you install and maintain IT at your gallery or museum: IT operationsNetworkWi-FiOffice 365RAW SignageEncrypted mailsRAW Backupand Monitoring.

We are available with 24 hour IT support, 365 days a year.

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Get a hosting solution with physical servers or migration to the Cloud.

IT operations

We can take care of your IT operations, with 24 hours of IT support.


Get full internet coverage, as well as Location analytics and Heat maps.


Here you can optimize productivity, security and scalability.


Get automated backups and recover lost files in seconds.


Get encrypted emails and avoid phishing or third party reading.


Use digital signage for information or promotions and create more sales.


Feel safe and take advantage of the many AI features.

Office 365

Get Microsoft Office installed: Word, Excel, Teams, PowerPoint etc.

Card terminal

Get fixed and wireless card terminals that are easy to integrate.


Make money when foreign customers pay in their own currency.