Now you can get VIASAT channels at RAW IT


We are super happy to announce that we now also offer all VIASAT's channels for hotels, motels, prisons, hospitals, detention centers and drilling platforms. We have long wanted to be able to give our customers the 'full' 'package of channels and we can now. We see many new opportunities and look forward to the new collaboration with VIASAT ”, says CMO & Partner Jesper Brouer.

Want to be able to offer your guests the coolest experience with Champions League, Formula 1, Premier League, NFL, movies and series? Then it's us you have to talk to.

We have some super good packages with something for everyone. We have over 200 other channels from Canal digital so combined gets the best of the best. We can also offer you public viewing to the areas where you want to make some cool events. If you want to know more about the packages and prices, contact our sales department and hear more.

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