About us

About us

"We make IT better"

Our Story

RAW IT is a company founded in 2011 by a group of IT enthusiasts with a passion for technology and innovation. Their goal was to create a company that could deliver high-quality IT solutions to companies and organizations of all sizes.

From the beginning, RAW IT had a special focus on quality and customer service, and they worked hard to build a reputation as a reliable and trusted IT supplier. Their efforts quickly paid off and the business began to grow and attract more and more customers.

RAW IT's team was always up to date with the latest technologies and was not afraid of challenges. They were known for their ability to develop innovative solutions to even the most complex IT problems, and they constantly invested in the training and development of their employees.

The company grew quickly, and RAW IT expanded its activities to include IT Operations and support, Network Infrastructure and Wifi, Hosting, Cloud backup, Cloud based TV systems with streaming, and RAW Signage. They were able to meet the needs of the customers and were recognized as a leading player in the IT industry.

RAW IT became known for its ability to deliver results and exceed customer expectations. The company was more than just an IT supplier – they were a partner helping their customers achieve their business goals through innovative IT solutions.

Today, RAW IT remains a leading player in the IT industry and continues to grow and transform the IT landscape of businesses and organizations across Europe. The company has built a reputation as a reliable and trusted IT supplier known for its technical expertise, commitment to quality and customer service, and ability to build close and long-lasting relationships with their customers. Furthermore, RAW IT can boast of having received Børsen's Gazelle award 4 times in a row.

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Our support is always available


From local to international. From small to large companies. We have had the honor of working with these unique brands and have partnered with many of them since their inception. 



RAW IT is SKI-approved to offer tasks under 02.22 and 02.70 which include, IT consultancy assistance and advice, including for example software development, project management, system integration, databases and IT security, as well as AV and conference equipment. With this agreement, public institutions and organizations can easily and efficiently purchase these services from the companies that have been SKI-approved.


We are ALWAYS there

We are there 24/7 all year round to help with support. Our skilled support team can help you if a breakdown occurs and get you up and running quickly. You can count on us if there is an accident or support is needed.

That may well be the case

If you want to outsource one or more of your IT tasks, we are ready to help. You can save money on internal resources and get a wider range of skills by outsourcing the tasks to us.

Qualified crew

All our people continuously receive the latest training and certification in the various areas that we cover. We are constantly updated on the latest technologies, which benefits our customers.

The best products and services

We make no secret of the fact that we want to be the best, and therefore our service and products must be as well. We therefore only offer top products that we can vouch for. Our customers only want the best.