Privacy policy

When you visit our website, RAW IT collects information about you. 

Below you can read about the information collected, including how the information is processed, what it is used for, who has access to the information and who you can contact if you have questions or objections regarding the information collected. 

We collect information about you in two ways: 

  • When using cookies 
  • By giving yourself information in connection with newsletters 


What are cookies?

The first time you visit RAW IT's website, you will automatically receive one or more cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your web browser e.g. Internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc. It registers you as a unique user. Cookies make it easier for you to use the Internet, as the website uses a cookie to remember information about your preferences. It is e.g. a cookie that means you do not have to log in to a website. 

What do we use cookies for? 

Cookies help to tell about your visit. To find out who visits RAW IT's website, we use cookies to keep demographic and user-related statistics. Here we collect information about how long you visit the website, which sections and how many articles you read, whether your user / computer has visited us before, which browser and control system you use, IP numbers, which ads you see, etc. On that way we can make sure that you do not only see the same ads over and over again, and at the same time we strive to see advertisements that we find interesting for you. 

Third Party Cookies

The website contains cookies from third parties, which is defined as follows:

1. Required cookies  - Necessary cookies help the website to make the website usable for basic functions such as. navigation, which the website would not function optimally without. 

2. Preference cookies - it allows you to save information such as language, region or other features. 

3. Statistical cookies - The static cookies are used to collect data about the user's behavior on the website. The following is used here: 

3.1 Google Analytics - used to measure the traffic on the website e.g. measure the number of visits, the number of page views and the number of users on the page. The information The data collected, processed and stored using Google Analytics is secure and kept confidential. That data is used to maintain and protect the Google Analytics service, perform system-critical actions and, in rare cases, for legal purposes, as described in Google Analytics Privacy policy. See Google Analytics precautions to protect your data. Opt out of Google Analytics cookies here

3.2 LeadScoreApp - uses cookies to identify the computer and builds a profile based on the digital tracks that you leave on the website. No personal information is stored in the cookie, but an identification of the computer. The cookie is used to collect digital information about the visit to the website. It does not identify you as a person, but only the computer. This app uses user information to tailor and target messages on the website, online advertising, newsletters and personal dialogue with the company. 

3.3 Marketing cookies - They are used to find visitors across websites. The intention is to show relevant ads afterwards. Eg. it is used by Facebook and LinkedIn to track the use of embedded services.  

How long do we store cookies?

The cookies sent to you will be stored on your device for a varied number of months from the last time you visited the website. Each time you visit a website again, the period is extended and or cookies are deleted automatically after their expiration. You can see instructions on how to delete cookies here.


Personal data

What is personal information?

We ask for your personal and user-related information when, for example, you sign up for newsletters, competitions, etc. It is primarily information such as name, gender, age, postcode and e-mail, but it can also be information about interests. In connection with signing up for a service, such as newsletter or contact form, mandatory information is clearly marked in the form. Submission of other information in connection with a registration for a service is voluntary.  

How long do we store personal information?

Relevant information is stored in a period of time pursuant to the law, and is deleted, when obsolete. A given time period is determined by the character of a piece of information as well as the reason for its storage. Consequently, it is not possible to define a general timeframe for storage of cookies.

What do we use personal information for?

The personal information we collect about you when you e.g. sign up for the newsletter, the information is used primarily to complete the service to which customers sign up. This use can i.a. include surveys and analytics aimed at improving our products, services, technologies, as well as displaying content and advertisements tailored to your interests. 

If you have given your consent to receive direct marketing with news and offers etc., we can also use the information collected to target the marketing you receive via telephone, letter or electronic media. 

Change in processing of personal data

The digital development of the Internet means that changes in our processing of personal data may become necessary. We therefore reserve the right to update and change guidelines for the processing of personal data. We will of course correct the date last updated, at the bottom of this page.  

Contact us
If you want access to the information we have registered about you at RAW IT, you must contact or (+45) 70 10 11 20. If you have any objections, you must also contact the same place. 

You have the opportunity to gain insight into what information has been registered about you, and you can object to a registration in relation to the Personal Data Act. 

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Last updated: 15.01.2023