Thon Hotel Parken - WIFI, TV Solution, RAW SIGNAGE


Thon Hotel Parken opened in 2018 with almost 200 rooms. This hotel is uniquely located in Kristiansand, close to the park and close to the water. Thon hotel The park was to become the new landmark for the city and a hotel that put Kristiansand on the map. Here after the opening, one must certainly say that they have come on the map in the most beautiful style. This hotel exudes luxury from the moment you step in the door. Gorgeous beautiful furniture and a good overall design add a nice touch to the new hotel.

RAW IT was chosen to deliver a new one TV solution with TV channels that could capture the same style that the hotel stood in now with its beautiful designer furniture and beds. All rooms were equipped with the best TVs in 49 ″ and 55 ″ so guests could new to stream their own netflix, youtube etc. content directly on the screens in the room.

Furthermore, we were given the task of making an in-room Wireless solution that provided maximum coverage and ensures that all guests have the best experience when surfing the web. A solution that is easy for the hotel and eliminates guest complaints. Wi-Fi the solution consists of inroom access points in the rooms which have outlets on them to be able to provide networks for eg tv, minibar, ip telephone etc. In addition, we have also installed access points in all public areas to cover the entire hotel so no one has to be without cover. In this solution there was also network with which connects all access points and surveillance cameras together.

The hotel also chose ours monitoring solution from Meraki that connects the monitoring with wifi and switches in a dashboard from which you can easily control and keep an eye on all elements. The entire hotel is covered on all floors which covers all entrances and exits etc.

The hotel's meeting rooms and info screens were set up with RAW Signage which the hotel can easily control from any unit. It makes it easy to change and you do not have to be in the hotel to be able to change one or more screens as it is controlled centrally from the Internet.