Glostrup Park Hotel Wi-Fi


Denmark's best hotel and conference WiFi is located at Glostrup Park Hotel

"As part of our strategy to deliver the best hotel and conference products, it has been natural to look at guests' opportunities to access the high-speed internet," begins Mikael Melander, CEO of Glostrup Park Hotel.

“We have previously been challenged on our WiFi, which has gradually had difficulty coping with the increasing number of guests our many new rooms and conference rooms accommodate. One thing is to have a fiber connection at 1 Gbit speed, but if we are not able to distribute the connection to the guests' laptops, etc., it does not matter. ”

This has succeeded now.

The WiFi solution provided by RAW IT is in-room based. An in-room solution provides the optimal signal in all hotel rooms and meeting rooms, thereby maximizing coverage to support the 1 Gbit connection the hotel offers.

In the conference department, conference manager Ulla Bastholm is pleased with the result, which also includes the 26 meeting rooms. RAW IT guarantees that there will be speed on the WiFi. I look forward to presenting this to our many daily conference guests ”.

“We are proud to be able to help give Glostrup Park Hotel the boost in WiFi that makes them want to reach the top when it comes to WiFi. We are sure that the guests and the hotel will benefit from the new setup when it is ready in a short time ”, says partner Jesper Brouer from RAW IT.

For further questions, contact Director Mikael Melander by email or Partner Jesper Brouer on

One of the advantages of making an in-room solution is that there are 5 network ports built into the access point, which can provide wired internet to other things in the room that require a wired connection. It could be the TV solution, the minibar, or the IP phone that you also want connected. The guest only needs one network cable for the room as the rest runs through the access point and that means a lot of money saved on expensive cable runs. The solution, which is free for guests, also allows for bluetooth beacon, location analytics, facebook login, and more.