RAW Hosting

Save money and internal resources with RAW Hosting

RAW Hosting

A hosted server is your own server. It just doesn't sit and take up space in your server room. It is a hosted server that you can fully configure and manage to suit your company's IT procedure and needs.

Get optimal hosting all year round

RAW hosting ensures that your hosting is reliable and works optimally all year round, 24 hours a day. This hosting solution is flexible and fully scalable, so you only pay for what you use.

With a virtual server, you avoid unforeseen costs and investments such as, water or fire damage, cooling, server room, capacity, repairs and operating costs.

RAW hosting is a fixed agreement, where the monthly costs are set based on the capacity you need. We have many customers who have experienced a reduced cost when they replace their on-premise server with a hosted server. 

Hosting with a professional external IT department

A top hosting solution requires a professional IT partner to keep your servers and systems running, as well as internal IT support. We keep in touch with status meetings and idea development, so that your hosting is continuously adapted to your company.

How do we store your data securely?

Your applications, services, programs and data are stored in highly secure data centers. It includes cooling, emergency power, 24/7 monitoring and backup.

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