RAW IT for New Year's shed in Hørsholm Municipality

RAW IT for New Year's shed in Hørsholm Municipality

RAW IT for New Year's shed in Hørsholm municipality

The Fourth Gazelle

It is now the fourth year in a row that RAW IT participates in Hørsholm municipality's New Year's shed. The New Year's shed has developed into an attractive place for business and the municipality to meet once a year - and the around 100 registered emphasize the municipality's very fragmented business structure. We at RAW IT were invited because again this year we have received a Gazelle award, which is the fourth Gazelle award in a row. 

So how did we get our fourth Gazelle? Some of the key elements for our rapid growth are our dedicated team, which consists of the best IT experts. Our customers are loyal and trust us because we listen to their needs and have a tailor-made solution prepared for them, with a focus on high quality. Likewise, we are always there for our customers and offer 24 hour IT support. 

The Kurd participants contribute with business strategy to Hørsholm Municipality

During the evening, Hørholm municipality had various items on the agenda.
One of the main focus areas was how the Kurd participants could contribute their ideas to the new business strategy for Hørholm municipality. The final business strategy will be adopted before the summer holidays. One of the problems that underlies the business strategy is "The retail trade's challenges with growing online shopping and department stores at a modest distance from Hørsholm". It is a business tragedy that must include sustainability, urban life and social responsibility.

One of the points, the approx. 100 entrants had to discuss around the tables, was precisely the future of retail. And a little provocatively, the discussion was approached with a claim that "X-Factor and local patriotism" is needed for the retail trade to survive.

More traders to the local area 

Many companies have the opportunity to establish themselves where they want, as communication technology has become more mobile. Here, the municipality will offer a strong communication center for the self-employed, to make it more attractive for companies to establish themselves here. Hørsholm municipality is considered to be a modern city with high mobility and part of the capital's business community. 

19 Gazelles 

The annual New Year's shed is also the place where the municipality pays tribute to the companies that have received the Børsen gazelle award. This year, 19 gazelle awards went to companies in Hørsholm municipality - and one of them was RAW IT. Ulrik Thomsen who is CEO and partner in RAW IT was therefore called up on stage for a bouquet of flowers and handshakes from both Mayor Morten Slotved and the Deputy Mayor.

Growing companies

As companies grow, we at RAW IT see a significant need to implement new ones IT systems.

This includes everything from hardware to software solutions, such as. helps companies to store safely data in the cloud, and that employees handle personal data correctly via secure mail etc. Many factors must be taken into account when a company is growing in relation to improving the internal processes so that you can work as efficiently as possible.

At RAW IT, we believe we can help growth companies reach new heights by optimizing their IT infrastructure.

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