Get advice and a tailored IT solution for your construction project

RAW IT designs and implements value-creating solutions for the building and construction industry. These are based on our experience with the many IT solutions that we have delivered to hotels, dormitories and office hotels.

We advise on which IT infrastructure is optimal for your particular renovation or construction project, based on your end user and their expectations.

We can deliver, install and subsequently operate the entire IT infrastructure, including network, WiFi, monitoring, printing, telephony and security.
We offer the option of 24-hour IT support on all projects and agreements.

Advice, installation and operation of IT should be left to IT experts, who with the right experience can ensure quality, stability, data and avoid unforeseen costs.

It is essential that the IT infrastructure in new building projects, including networks and WiFi, is taken into account in the planning phase.

It often ends up being an expensive pleasure for construction companies to implement Wi-Fi in pre-constructed buildings, because it is easier to lay the routing paths for the cables at the start of the construction phase.

We relate to which construction project we are dealing with. We take into account the expected user type, how many devices must be able to access the internet, and what wall materials are in the various rooms.

Whether it is glass, plaster or concrete walls, we do a heat map analysis of the internet coverage throughout the building, and make sure that there is full coverage where it is needed.

Example: WOODS Kontorhotel (NREP) had a WiFi solution implemented.
We prepared a floor plan during the construction phase and found out where the access points should be placed, depending on the wall materials. Guideways were drawn for the cables during the construction phase, which resulted in large savings in what we were involved in planning before the building was completed. The property is now well covered with full coverage for the users' needs.

Instead of covering the scaffolding with scaffolding covering, construction sites can sell advertisements on info screens.

It sometimes happens that construction sites have attractive advertising positions for companies, because they are either located next to a busy road or inside the city, and at the same time they are located high up.

RAW Signage is digital signage with a Cloud-based and user-friendly system, which makes it easy to change the content. You can also make it timed if someone wants to be exposed in the morning and raise the price during rush hour.

Contact us and hear how we can help with tailor-made IT solutions for your needs, whether it is in the office or on the construction site.

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