Get a bespoke IT solution for your law firm

We advise on which IT solutions are most optimal for your law office with a focus on operational optimization and efficiency. We can deliver, install and subsequently operate your IT, where we offer the option of 24-hour IT support, on all projects and agreements.

By having the right IT infrastructure prepared from the start, it helps to streamline day-to-day operations. This means getting the best possible software and systems that are compatible with your work computers and equipment and that meet the specific needs of your law firm.

Get a Cloud-based hosting solution by migrating part or all of your data to the cloud. It is a scalable solution, which allows you to increase capacity at any time and only pay for what you use.

It is a sustainable, scalable and efficient solution where you avoid having to maintain servers with the right temperature, or risk being exposed to water or fire damage, which can damage your data. 

Here we go in and make an analysis of what building material your office space walls consist of, and add access points to your WiFi, so you can access a stable and secure WiFi connection throughout the office.

As more law firms allow their employees to work at home, it is important to maintain IT security. When employees use the work computer on the private WiFi connection at home, there is an increased risk of your data being exposed to malicious use, such as cyber attack.

RAW IT can install an encrypted VPN tunnel, which allows the employee to access the law firm's WiFi from home. In this way, you secure your data in the best possible way in connection with homework. GET ENCRYPTED MAIL AND COMPLY WITH GDPR RULES Some confidential and sensitive information is disseminated within the legal aspect. Encrypted mails and safe storage of confidential data, is therefore a necessity in a law firm. According to the Personal Data Regulation, sensitive or confidential information must be sent as encrypted emails. Therefore, we integrate a filter on incoming and outgoing emails, which means that you can comply with the GDPR rules. ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP PLAN READY It is always a good idea to be ahead of the curve with a back-up plan, as you never know when disaster will strike. Be it human error or Ransomeware attack. You can avoid this by having a backup of your files taken on an ongoing basis. With RAW Backup, you can restore your data in a flash. INFO SCREENS IMPROVE INTERNAL COMMUNICATION RAW Signage is info screens that can be used for booking meeting rooms, passing on information about events, lunch menus, etc. It is a user-friendly program that is centrally managed via a Cloud solution, which makes it easy to manage information on the screen, regardless of where you are. Contact us and find out how we can help you implement the most value-creating IT solution for your law office. IT operationsNetworkWi-FiMicrosoft 365RAW SignageEncrypted mailsRAW Backup og Monitoring. We are available with 24 hour IT support, 365 days a year.


Get a hosting solution with physical servers or migrate to the Cloud.
Conference equipment
Get the right video conferencing equipment for your meeting room.
Audiovisual equipment
Get the right AV equipment that suits your business.
IT savings
Get an overview of your IT infrastructure and achieve savings.
Feel safe and make use of the many AI functions.
Use digital signage for information or promotions and create more sales.
Secure mail
Get encrypted emails and avoid phishing or third party reading.
IT security
Do you have control over your IT security? Protect your business' precious data.
Get automated backups and recover lost files in seconds.