RAW IT enters into a partnership with Hotel Brandan

RAW IT enters into a partnership with Hotel Brandan


The 4-star Hotel Brandan opens until May 2020 in the Faroe Islands. It is a state-of-the-art hotel with large windows and a touch of Faroese architecture with grass on the roof. The hotel want the modern architecture to be consistent from the inside out, and live up to their brand DNA. 

They were looking for an already established IT partner in the Faroe Islands who could implement TV systems in all 126 rooms. It is here that Hotel Brandan found RAW IT, which already has a close collaboration with Forward chess as partners. 

It is important for the hotel that their TV system lives up to what their guests and staff expect from them. Therefore must
the tv system has a nice design which is user-friendly and incredibly flexible. The wish was a cloud-based system that could be accessed from all over the world regardless of device.

It must be a pleasant customer experience - so when the guest enters the room, they must have had the opportunity to relax with various TV channels, where there must be channels for every taste. The guest must also be able to stream their own content in the form of Chomecast and find information such as. when the breakfast buffet opens etc.

All in all, it should be a solution that can create value for the hotel, and give guests unlimited possibilities, 
so they get the feeling of being at home. 


Shortly after Hotel Brandan contacted RAW IT, we developed a customized solution in collaboration with Framcheck.

We delivered the desired number of Samsung hotel TVs, where we implemented a TV solution with a focus on functionality and ease of use. The TV system is based on the latest technology in TV solutions. 

  • Ospace CTRL - It is a cloud-based system, which allows the hotel to create its own design, menu and submenus on the TVs. In the menus there are a large number of options on which the hotel can take advantage of it e.g. information can be published about what time the breakfast buffet opens, etc. Otrum CTRL can also be used to set up “shops”, for the hotel's own products or external companies. This allows Hotel Brandan to make an extra profit on their new TV system.
  • chromecast - Is a small media player from Google, which allows the guest to stream content securely and directly from the smartphone, tablet, iPad or PC to the TV. It offers a wealth of options in movies, TV series and music, so the guest can control the entire show themselves.
  • IP TV channels - It gives the guest direct access to a lot of TV channels, where there are channels for every taste. Whether it's news, sports or a good movie, it gives guests the opportunity to relax and be entertained.


RAW IT and Forward chess has found a solution that creates value for both Hotel Brandan and their guests. The solution contributes to Hotel Brandan being able to more easily convey their communication to the guests, as well as help to provide good customer service, by giving the guests the opportunity to choose their own TV content.

"The collaboration with RAW IT has been very professional. We have had many demands on the details in the process and have asked a lot until the system. It has never been a problem to get a qualified answer. Besides, the guidance from RAW IT has been really good and we have found a great solution for our hotel. "
Rógvi Mikkelsen
Hotel Brandan, Hotel Manager


Hotel Brandan will be a 4-star hotel with 124 rooms. The idea behind the design has from the beginning been to build a hotel that respects the Faroese building tradition and the area it is located in. The hotel is built with a classic black wooden facade, white windows and grass roofs. Of course, a newly built hotel also contains some modern details, such as a glass center on both sides of the building, as well as glass terraces and an outdoor area that invites to social activity and barbecue atmosphere.      

Inside the hotel, there will be a large number of stories that all have their roots in Faroese history. The well-known Faroese painter Edward Fuglø has delivered a large work, which will hopefully make a big impression on the guest when he / she enters the building and when he / she enters the room. 



The rooms at Hotel Brandan are named after an ancient vardesti system which has been used to find its way to the Faroe Islands until the year 2004. It consists of 1-2 meter high stone dolmens at 50-200 meter intervals. The cairns mark the path between two settlements, which indicates the most optimal path between the settlements. It is not necessarily the shortest route, but a combination of distance, convenience and safety. Each cairn has a name after which the rooms at Hotel Brandan are named.