Leasing Software and hardware for the office

You can now lease a complete workstation to your employees. Get rid of the hassle of setup and installation, and lease it at a fixed price per month.

You can lease IT equipment such as docking station, laptop, PC, monitor, wireless keyboard, headset and much more.

It is a tailor-made solution with setup and installation, so you can use it immediately, saving you time and possible misconfigurations.

It is very relevant for you who have a time-bound project, temporary escalation of the number of employees, home office set-up, strong growth or you simply want to be able to offer the latest hardware to your employees.

It is a flexible and reliable solution for you who want to minimize large start-up costs for hardware. You get control over IT expenses and thus avoid large fluctuations in your budget.

You can choose the whole package with security, service and support agreement at a fixed price per. month for 24, 36 or 48 months. Shorter periods are also possible on request.

Secure mail

You can advantageously choose a complete package

IT Support

Our IT supporters are ready to help you. Get service and help for the IT systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


We can pre-install the software programs you want on your computer so you can get started right away.

IT security

Get the hackers in advance with IT security, so you can best avoid hacker attacks against the company.

Workplace as a service (WaaS), IT solution, IT equipment, AV equipment, computer, monitor, mouse, office space

Workstation from DKK 675 per month

Equip an employee with the right IT equipment so that you can work from home or from the hot desk in the company.

Lease a Lenovo ThinkBook computer, monitor and Essential Wireless USB mouse. From DKK 675 / month incl. security solution, warranty, insurance, service and support agreement with 48 months agreement. 

Benefits of Choosing Waas

Stable budget

There are minor start-up costs, and when your hardware needs to be replaced, it does not come as a big dash in the bill.

Save the hassle

Save yourself the trouble. It takes time to set up hardware and systems, and you also avoid misconfigurations.

More productivity

Give your employees the right working conditions. The right IT equipment provides the right holding and increases productivity.