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We all know that WiFi can be a bit difficult to understand how it works, but we all know that we are deeply dependent on it working and running well. Our guests and customers expect that we have a WiFi system that can handle their many devices, and that they can access this easily and simply.

On the other side are our customers who want a system that can keep up with the times, which is easy to manage and can be scaled as needed. We can offer that easily and simply.

Many of our customers want a 100% Cloud-based system that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and that can be easily integrated with other third-party systems. It exists and we can deliver it, plain and simple.

We are a Cisco Meraki house that only makes Cisco Meraki solutions because we believe that this system can offer everything our customers demand and much more. 

A selection of the many WIFI features

heat map

Heat mapping gives you a visual overview of where your target group moves. You can easily upload your floor plans so that you can easily visualize trends in where your customers move the most over time. It gives you the opportunity to make more informed decisions about how much staff is needed and whether the layout can be optimized with e.g. additional sales.


Built-in location analytics shows you a detailed graph of how many of your target group are passers-by, visitors and loyal customers. Location analytics lets you follow the target group's movements around your hotel, shop or company. Quickly find out where your guests / customers are and at what times. Collect data to drive your sales even further.

guest wifi

Best 802.11ac Wave 2 • Multi-user MIMO architecture to support multiple client devices simultaneously • Slim and beautiful design • Isolated, secure guest Wi-Fi controlled from a dashboard • Enterprise grade security and authentication • Layer 7 security.


Most Meraki APs come with an integrated Bluetooth radio that can receive or broadcast Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, enabling seamless integration with third-party applications designed to interact with battery-powered or portable Bluetooth tags

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Get your entire new solution financed through us at 0% in interest over e.g. Three years. Then there is only a fixed monthly payment and no big cost here and now.

Easy and simple

We make it easier for companies to acquire new equipment, so that they can keep up with the times and needs.

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Watch the film about Glostrup Park Hotel's WiFi solution, and see how they have turned their business into one of the best hotels with guest WiFi. It is with full coverage in all rooms and with 100% coverage in all meeting rooms and public areas.  


Søhuset Conference Center is located in the most beautiful surroundings. With large window sections, so you can follow the changing of the seasons, a more scenic conference center is hard to find. Søhuset Konferencecenter wanted to be able to deliver more than a fantastic location and modern architecture, and therefore chose to get stable and secure WiFi from RAW IT. 

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