Redundant 10 GB network infrastructure Secure VLAN with firewall protection Fast and secure wireless Internet access Efficient wireless casting from computer to screen Dedicated meeting rooms with video conferencing equipment High uptime with redundant fiber connections Flexible closed network over several floors Secure guest Wi-Fi access Optimal Internet coverage and speed

Woods Office offers efficient office space with first-class facilities for businesses. From the start of the construction phase, RAW IT has contributed with professional advice. This has resulted in the implementation of a tailored IT solution for the Woods Office.


We have delivered an extensive 10 GB infrastructure with redundancy and UPS facilities. We have created one Network with firewall protection that can connect several rooms. The possibility of closed networks across the floors has been implemented for increased security and flexibility.


Our solution guarantees full internet coverage with high speed and secure, encrypted Wi-Fi connections. A separate guest Wi-Fi ensures a safe experience for all users.

Meeting center

All meeting rooms are equipped with quality screens and video conferencing equipment. The wireless casting function makes it easy to share content from computer to screen.

Fiber connection

To minimize the risk of operational disruptions, we have implemented redundant fiber lines and a 10 GB internet line, which ensures a fast and reliable connection to the internet.


The result of this IT solution is crucial for improving the office facilities for companies that rent from Woods Office. By implementing meeting rooms with advanced video conferencing equipment, companies achieve a professional appearance towards business partners and customers. This investment strengthens their ability to communicate effectively.

The reliable, stable and safe Wi-Fi solution is a key component that not only ensures a high level of security, but also contributes to a productive working day by eliminating potential internet disruptions. This creates an optimal digital workplace where companies can focus on their core activities without worrying about technological challenges.